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The party table

Tips, ideas and inspirations to decorate it in an original way for Christmas and New Year lunches and dinners

It’s Christmas time “is Christmas time and, in addition to organizing a menu that leaves its mark, we think in time of the preparation of the festive table. After all, it will be the setting for lunches and dinners with the whole family. To create an equipment capable of expressing the joyful warm atmosphere that you breathe in this period, you don’t need to spend a capital: let’s get simple objects or work with those we have – even the greengrocer can help us -, we take out the dishes more precious, we iron tablecloths and runners and deepen our imagination. Petals, candles, fir branches, mistletoe, pomegranates … it doesn’t take much to give personality to our table. Without forgetting to focus on one of the symbolic colors of this period: red, green, gold and silver.

An elegant Christmas

What we need
Classic table
Red tablecloth | Plates with contrasting colors | Centerpiece of red flowers | Candles | Green leaves for the underplates
Brilliant alternatives
Cinnamon sticks | Silver stars and star-shaped cookie cutters | Silver spray can | Colored vegetables | Decorative balls | Fir branch

The most beautiful table is also the simplest, characterized by the colors of Christmas. The red tablecloth covers the table, large green leaves make up the placemats, on which to place simple and elegant dishes, perhaps with contrasting colors. Precious trimmings to tie napkins, glasses with candles as a placeholder and a riot of red roses in the center of the table.
What if we want to dare? Let’s follow our inspirations…

1. An alternative centerpiece

We replace the flowers with ad hoc decorated seasonal vegetables: a Romanesco broccoli is right for us, given its shape reminiscent of a tree. Let’s dress him with a silver “necklace” and it will be Christmas right away! Then lay it on a moss carpet in the center of the table, distribute silver balls of different sizes alternating with white rose buds and we will have created an elegant and refined centerpiece.

2. Rain of stars on the table

The silver or gold stars, to be scattered on the tablecloth, are easy to find in the stationery shop and have no exaggerated costs. Together with the star-shaped cookie cutters of various sizes, they will help make our table fun and festive.

3. White, silver and blue between the dishes

More vegetables. We paint the artichokes white, perhaps those that we have not consumed and that have dried out. Let’s close them with a blue satin bow and complete by alternating white, silver and blue balls on the tablecloth. A centerpiece of white gerberas will be the right complement.

4. Candlelight

Don’t we have a candlestick? We place a glass upside down, imprison a decoration or a sprig of currant at the base and place a candle on pine branches on the base of the glass. The balls of the tree will give the right Christmas touch.

5. Spiced place cards

Cinnamon sticks are perfect for creating original ones: just tie them with a gold or red ribbon and lay them on the napkin. Or, with raffia, or with a red ribbon, we tie small sticks on both sides, prepare customized cards on which we will write the name of the guest, perhaps using a gold or silver marker, and insert them in the space between the sticks. Let us help from the little ones: it will be even more fun!

A sparkling New Year

What we need
Classic table

White tablecloth | White plates | Centerpiece of soft colored flowers | Candles | Mirrors | Glass balls
Brilliant alternatives
Small bouquets of flowers | Pomegranates | Balls and ribbons | Christmas necklaces

A table in the name of elegance and simplicity, where details make the difference. The colors are clear, white like snow, and help to spread the warm light of the candles placed in the candelabra and the tealights scattered on the tablecloth, which is also clear. The effect is amplified by the mirrors under the candelabra and the large transparent balls with silver motifs. Finally, the centerpiece: we opt for a flower arrangement that recalls the décor of the equipment. Variations on the theme? Here you can find all the details.

1. White and red

We choose small glasses with white flowers, red berries and sprigs of mistletoe to be randomly placed on the tablecloth, as we will also do with small white tealights
and red.

2. Napkin

You just need ribbons and small balls, perhaps in gold-colored wicker, to create simple and elegant napkin rings.

3. Good luck!

Lentils, mistletoe, grapes, pomegranate … all symbols of prosperity that we should never miss on the table of the first of the year. We choose small and elegant pomegranates as placeholders, spread lentils on the tablecloth (from the smallest ones, to the red ones), in the center of the table we put a transparent plate on which to place bunches of red and white grapes, mistletoe branches and large half-opened pomegranates.
The extra idea? We hang a branch of mistletoe and holly on each diner’s chair. Let’s help with a red or gold ribbon to tie the branches to the chair: we will leave our guests breathless at the moment
to go to the table.

4. Instead of mirrors

An original and highly effective idea is to place Christmas necklaces on the tablecloth with balls of different sizes attached. They will give light and embellish the table.

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