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Vegetable cannoli

Preparation: 10 min – Difficulty: Easy – Cooking: 3 min
Serves 4
8 slices of bread for sandwich | 3 carrots | A red pepper | 2 courgettes | A bunch of grass spring onion | 150 g of mayonnaise

1. Scrape the carrots, check the courgettes and remove the stalk and the seeds of the pepper. Wash the vegetables under running water and dry them gently with absorbent kitchen paper, then cut them into julienne strips lengthwise.

2. Leave the peppers raw, sear the carrots for 3 minutes and the courgettes for one, then drain and pass them in cold water and ice. Sear the chives. Thin the slices of bread with a rolling pin and spread them with the mayonnaise; place a “bunch” of vegetables in the center of each slice, roll the bread and tie it with the chives. Repeat until the ingredients are exhausted and keep the cannoli in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, until ready to serve.

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