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Cucinare Italy - Zucchini and flower risotto with taleggio

Zucchini and flower risotto with taleggio

Low difficulty – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 70 minutes
Ingredients for 6 people
480 g of Carnaroli rice | 3 light courgettes | 10-12 courgette flowers | 150 g of taleggio | A blonde onion | A carrot | An Apple | A potato | A leek ½ glass of wine white | A stalk of celery | Butter, to taste | 30 g of parmesan grated | A bay leaf | Salt, to taste

1. Prepare the broth with celery, carrot and half onion (with peel) cut into pieces, an apple cut in two, a potato, the outside of a leek. We let go for 45 minutes since the water takes on boil and keep it near the stove without letting it cool down.

2. In a saucepan we put one nut of butter and let it melt well, then add the onion chopped and let it dry
lightly with a bay leaf. Add the rice and toast it up when it reaches a white color nacre.

3. When the rice starts to “sing”, we blend with the white wine and we raise the flame to the maximum, in so that it evaporates completely without “stewing” all that, instead, will have to cook in the vegetable broth.

4. Pour the broth to cover whole rice. We mix constantly to prevent it from sticking, then we add the cut zucchini thin strips. We slice the flowers of courgette. We correct for flavor.

5. Cut the Taleggio into cubes, so let’s finish cooking rice and turn off the stove. TO this point we can add courgette flowers, taleggio and parmesan and stir until it is melt the cheese.

6. We add, always in the pot, whipped butter (see photo) e we continue to stir the risotto until it is creamy and well amalgamated. Serve it hot.

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