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Anchovies stuffed with field perfume

Medium difficulty – Preparation 25 minutes – Cooking 10 minutes
Serves 4
600 g of anchovies | Fennel | Durum wheat semolina | Flour | Lemon Thyme | 150 g of ricotta | 30 g of semi – seasoned pecorino cheese | A beaten egg | Peanut oil to taste

1. We clean the anchovies: we tighten the head of the fish and, with a decisive movement, detach it, bringing it towards the back. In this way, the entrails and the spine will also be removed. We work with the utmost care so that the two fillets do not separate during cleaning.

2. We wash the anchovies carefully under running water and try to eliminate as many bones as possible. We lay the cleaned anchovies in a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

3. On a cutting board, with a sharp knife, we make a very thin mince of fresh fennel and lemon thyme. We combine a little ricotta and seasoned pecorino, in sufficient quantity to form a spreadable compound. If necessary, adjust salt, taking into account the flavor of the cheese.

4. Place half of the anchovies on a work surface, with the back facing downwards. We will make with the dressing and cover with the remaining anchovies, with the skin facing upwards. We squeeze well so that they adhere perfectly.

5. We prepare three dishes: one with flour, one with beaten egg and one with semolina. We pass the stuffed anchovies, from both sides, first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the semolina.

6. Put a pan on medium heat, pour in plenty of peanut oil and bring it to 180 °. If we do not have the appropriate kitchen thermometer, we check the temperature by doing the classic bread test. We dip a piece of crumb about one centimeter into the oil: if the temperature is right, the bread will take about 20 seconds to brown.

7. We fry the stuffed anchovies, a few at a time, to prevent the oil temperature from falling, and serve them immediately, hot to our guests.

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