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Cucinare Italy - anchovy linguine

Anchovy linguine

Difficulty Low – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 70 minutes
Serves 4
500 g of linguine | 4 white onion | 50 g of butter | 3 organic eggs | 50 g of grated parmesan | A slice of bread crumbled | 3 salted anchovies| Salt to taste | Parsley to taste | Chilli pepper to taste

1.In a pan that has already been heated, we pour half the butter and the onions, cleaned and sliced. Let’s do cook blankets, on fire very low, for 50-60 minutes. If necessary, pour into the pan a ladle of hot water.

2. Mix a little and continue the slow cooking of the onions, always covered, up to that will not become transparent. When they are almost ready, we put to cook the pasta in one pot with boiling salted water.

3. We take a salad bowl, in which in the end we will season the pasta, and we put in it shelled eggs. We hurl with a whisk and keep them warm, placing them on the pan with the pasta being cooked.

4. We pour into another pan the remaining butter and bread crumbled. We put on the fire and add the chopped anchovies, deprived of the central bone. We cook, stirring constantly, for 3-4 minutes.

5. We cook the pasta al dente, drain and pour it into the salad bowl with beaten eggs and slightly heated. We mix with a ladle. pour the onions already cooked and mix yet.

6. Add the seasoning of crumbled bread and anchovies, the grated parmesan, the parsley and the chili pepper minced coarsely. To blend and if necessary we combine a little of cooking water.

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