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Aracino with mussels, prawns and Ragusa provola

Difficulty Low – Ready in 40 min.
Serves 4
For the rice: 500 g of Roma rice | 1 L of fish broth | 1/2 white onion | 30 g of butter | Black pepper | Extra virgin olive oil Parsley
For the filling: 500 g of mussels | 100 ml of white wine | 200 g of red prawns | 120 g of Ragusa provola | A clove of garlic | Extra virgin olive oil
For the batter: 100 g of flour 50 g of water.
In addition: 500 g of breadcrumbs | 3 L of sunflower oil

2. We open the mussels in a pan with a drizzle of oil, a clove of garlic and the wine. Sgusciamole. We also peel the prawns.

3. Prepare the batter by mixing the flour and water with the whisk.

4. Take a generous handful of rice, compact it well in your oil-greased hands and create a “pocket” in the center. We insert a mussel, a shrimp, and a piece of provola inside. We close everything by rotating the arancino in your hands and giving it a conical shape (see box above).

5. Pass it in the batter, drain the excess and then pass it in the breadcrumbs.

6. Bring the oil to 170 ° and fry a maximum of 2 arancini at a time.

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