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Cucinare Italy - Basil pappardelle with savory sauce

Basil pappardelle with savory sauce

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 40 min
Serves 4
For the pappardelle: 300 g of white spelled flour | 3 eggs | A bunch of basil, salt to taste.
For the sauce: 300 g of peeled tomatoes | 150 g of mixed ground (veal and pork) | A glass of red wine | 2 bay leaves | A piece of chilli fresh

1. Blend the eggs with the basil using an immersion mixer. We put the flour in a bowl and add the emulsion “green”. We work with a fork and then we knead until obtaining a soft stick.

2. We divide the dough into several parts and roll the dough using the machine for the pasta. With the pastry cutter wheel, then, we get the pappardelle and leave them dry for a short time on a work surface floured.

3. Crumble the mixed ground and put it in a hot pan with the leaves laurel, without adding other fats. We add a piece of chilli to flavor and brown until when the meat is golden brown.

4. We add the crushed peeled tomatoes and, after a few moments, the red wine. We cook for about ten minutes, until until the sauce is consumed and we will have a nice thick sauce.

5. We cook the pappardelle in a saucepan with salt water. Let’s drain and skip them in a pan with our tasty sauce. We complete with a generous sprinkling finely chopped parsley e we bring to the table.

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