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Cucinare Italy - Millefeuille with crispy porcini mushrooms and fondue

Millefeuille with crispy porcini mushrooms and fondue

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 50 min
Serves 4
250 g of already rolled out puff pastry | 60 g of flour 00 + to taste for the porcini mushrooms | ½ L of milk | 200 g of fontina | 50 g of butter | 400 g of sliced fresh porcini mushrooms | 3 eggs | 50 g of yellow flour | Breadcrumbs to taste | Salt and Pepper to taste | Seed oil to taste | Nutmeg to taste | Curly parsley to taste

1. Cut the puff pastry into rectangles. In a small bowl, beat an egg together with a pinch of salt and one of pepper and with this mix well brush the surface of the pastry rectangles. Let’s not throw the egg away used.

2. We transfer the rectangles of puff pastry into the pan lined with parchment paper and cook them at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Warning: not we prick the pastry, since we have need to swell. Once golden on the surface, let’s take out the rectangles.

3. We bread the porcini by passing them in the flour white, in eggs beaten with salt and pepper (we also combine the one used to brush the puff pastry) and, finally, in the mixed breadcrumbs with yellow flour. We fry the mushrooms in boiling oil, then drain and salt them.

4. We heat the milk with a pinch of salt and nutmeg. In a saucepan, we melt the 50 grams of butter, then add the 60 grams of flour and we mix until a mixture is obtained well blended (roux).

5. We transfer the roux into hot milk and continue cooking for a few minutes, until the sauce thickens. Finally, we add a nice grind of pepper, the cubed fontina and, without ever stopping to mix, let it melt.

6. When the fontina is perfectly melted, we move the pot from the heat and, with a ladle, stir vigorously fondue, as if to whip it up. This will serve to give it texture rather smooth.

7. We take the rectangles of pastry and cut them in half (for each yarrow ne we will use three). We sprinkle a first rectangle with the fontina fondue, add a couple of slices of fried mushrooms, then
again the fondue and a few leaves of parsley.

8. We cover with another rectangle of browse and repeat the sequence: fondue, mushrooms, more fondue and parsley. We close with a last rectangle of browse and make the other millefeuille likewise. We serve by decorating with sprigs of parsley.

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