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Candy from the Arlecchino garden

Candy from the Arlecchino garden

Medium difficulty – Ready in 90 min.
Serves 4-6 people
For the pasta: 800 g of 00 flour | 6 eggs | 3-4 yolks | 50 g of spinach | A tablespoon of tomato paste
For the filling: 200 g of ricotta cheese | 100 g of grated parmesan | Nutmeg to taste | 100 g of asparagus | Salt to taste
For the dressing: Parmesan flakes to taste | Sage, basil and chives to taste | Butter to taste
What we need: Pastry board, pasta machine, pasta cutter wheel, pan, two pots

1. For the dough, we divide the flour into three parts: one we will make it yellow, working it with two whole eggs, one yolk and enough water to obtain an elastic compound. For the red one, mix 200 grams of flour with two other eggs, one yolk (or two, if necessary) and the tomato paste. For the green, we work the remaining flour with the last eggs, an yolk, chopped spinach and water if necessary.

2. Use the pasta machine to roll three sheets of dough and, with the cutter wheel, obtain a strip from each. We combine a yellow, a green and a red strip, weld them by passing them in the pasta machine to the thickness of half a millimeter: we will get a single tricolor sheet.

3. We cut the tricolor strip into rectangles of eight centimeters by five. We cover the sheets so as not to dry them and we pass the filling. Let’s boil the asparagus starting from cold, salted water. As soon as it boils, let’s calculate four minutes. Then let’s pass them in cold water.

4. We chop the asparagus with a knife and mix them with the ricotta, grated parmesan and nutmeg. We will make each tricolor rectangle with the freshly made filling, roll it up and close the ends like a candy.

5. For the dressing, melt the butter in a pan and season it with sage, chopped chives and basil. Let’s boil the candies and sauté them in a pan. Serve them sprinkled with parmesan flakes.

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