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Saffron tagliatelle with artichokes and crispy bacon

Saffron tagliatelle with artichokes and crispy bacon

Medium difficulty – Ready in 45 min.
Serves 4
For the noodles: 60 g of semolina flour | 340 g of soft wheat flour | 92 g of egg whites | 168 g of yolks | 3 g of saffron in pistils
For the dressing: 200 g of bacon | 2 artichokes | A lemon | A clove of garlic | 20 g of white wine | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | 10 g of chopped parsley | Salt to taste
For the finish: 300 g of grated aged pecorino romano | Black pepper to taste | 50 g of fresh mint
What we need: bowl, bowl, pastry board, rolling pin, two pans, pot

1. Let’s start with pasta. We dip the saffron pistils in a little water for 30 minutes (the ideal would be a whole day). Let’s mix them with the two flours, the egg whites and the yolks. Wait about 30 minutes, then roll the dough thinly, roll it up and slice it to get the noodles.

2. For the seasoning, cut the bacon into sticks and sauté it in a pan for a short time, without other fats. We clean the artichokes, slice them thinly and dip them in water and lemon juice, to preserve their color. In a separate pan, we perfume a veil of oil with a clove of garlic over low heat. We combine the artichokes, brown them and blend them with the wine. We go up and sprinkle with parsley.

3. We cook the noodles in boiling salted water. Drain them after two minutes and keep them in the pan with the artichokes. Add the bacon and serve with a sprinkling of pecorino cheese, fresh pepper and a few leaves of mint to garnish the dish.

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