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Cucinare Italy - Cavatelli with the flavors of Calabria

Cavatelli with the flavors of Calabria

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 35 min
Serves 2
For pasta: 100 g of flour 00 | 100 g of semolina flour | Water to taste | Salt to taste.
For the dressing: 80 g of Piccadilly tomatoes | 30 g of chopped red onion | 50 g of tuna fillets | 50 g of Calabrian ‘nduja | 20 g of extra virgin olive oil
To complete: 200 g of rocket | Peanut oil to taste

1. In a bowl, we work the flour and the semolina with water. We transfer the mixture on floured work surface and knead it with your hands until you get a homogeneous block. Let it rest for some time.

2. Then, we pull the dough lightly and we get of the cords. Let’s cut them to chunks (as you do for gnocchi) and, exerting slight pressure with fingers, we dig out each piece of dough inside to obtain cavatelli.

3. We brown the chopped onion in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Let’s add the ‘nduja and the cherry tomatoes cut in quarters set off. We mix to dissolve the sausage and cook for about five minutes.

4. When the cherry tomatoes are lightly unmade, we also put the fillets in the pan of crumbled tuna. We mix for mix everything well and mash cherry tomatoes and tuna with a spoon for create a nice sauce.

5. We wash and dry the rocket well. In a pan, we heat abundantly peanut oil. When it reaches the right temperature, we fry the rocket for two minutes and then drain it on kitchen paper.

6. We cook the cavatelli in a pot with boiling salted water for four and five minutes maximum. Drain them and let’s toss them in the pan with the tuna sauce and nduja. We serve and arrange on pasta fried rocket.

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