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Cod and zucchini morsels

Cod and zucchini morsels

Difficulty Easy – Ready in 35 min.
Serves 2
350 g of cod fillet | 3 courgettes | 200 g of tomato sauce | 100 g of green olives | A clove of garlic | Ginger powder to taste | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | Salt and Pepper To Taste.
What we need: Two pots, wooden sticks

1. Sliced ​​and cubed. Thinly slice two courgettes and boil them in salted water (they must remain crispy). We cut the third courgette into small cubes and keep them aside.

2. Like a roll. We cut the cod into morsels, salt and pepper it. We wrap each morsel in a strip of courgette and stop them with a toothpick. We flavor with the ginger powder.

3. In a pan with the sauce. We cook the fish for about 15 minutes in a pan with oil and garlic. We combine the courgette puree and cubes and cover with a lid. Just before turning off the fire, add the chopped olives.

A second of simple fish to make. Fresh and delicate, it is embellished with a slightly spicy spicy note

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