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Muffins filled with pizzaiola meatballs

Muffins filled with pizzaiola meatballs

Difficulty Easy – Ready in 60 min. + rising time
Ingredients for 8 children
For the pizza dough: 600 g of flour 0 | 150 g of milk | 300 g of water | 4 teaspoons of dehydrated yeast | 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil | Salt to taste.
For the stuffing: 400 g of ground beef | A sausage | An egg | 50 g of stale bread | 5 dried cherry tomatoes | 300 g of tomato sauce | 150 g of mozzarella | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | Salt and Pepper To Taste. | Oregano to taste | Butter to taste
What we need: Three bowls, food foil, pastry board, muffin mold

1. The pizza dough. Put the flour, the yeast rehydrated in the water, the oil, the salt and the milk in a bowl and knead until a soft mixture is obtained. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise until it has doubled in volume.

2. The dough for the meatballs. In a bowl, mix the minced beef meat with the sausage, the egg, the stale bread previously wet and wrung out, the oregano and the dried tomatoes. We season with salt and pepper and mix everything well.

3. The dressing. In another bowl, we prepare the sauce that will make our muffins softer after baking. We season the raw tomato puree with oil, salt and oregano. We cut the mozzarella into small cubes.

4. Like small pizzas. Take the leavened dough, divide it into many balls and spread it on a floured surface to obtain small pizzas. Place them in a previously buttered muffin mold.

5. We make muffins. We form meatballs with the meat mixture. Place a piece of mozzarella inside each pizzetta, season with a little tomato and lay a meatball. Let’s add a little more sauce on top.

6. Ready for the oven. Let the stuffed pizzas rest for about ten minutes and then bake them for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Five minutes before turning off the oven, we put more mozzarella on the muffins and let it melt. We take out and serve.

A very nice idea to make our children happy. These delicious stringy pizzas will also appeal to those who eat little meat

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