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Coppery Montoro onion pizza and tuna chillies

Medium difficulty – preparation 25 minutes – leavening 10 hours – cooking 9 minutes
Ingredients for 6 pizzas
For the dough: One kg of flour 0 | 500 ml water | 50 g butter | 25 g of salt | 15 g of sugar | 2 g of fresh brewer’s yeast
To season: 240 g of fiordilatte | 120 g of coppery Montoro onion | 90 g of peeled tomatoes | Capers to taste | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | 24 oil peppers stuffed with tuna | Chilli pepper to taste | Basil to taste

1. Melt the yeast and butter in a bowl with water. Add the sugar and half of the flour, little by little, stirring constantly. We also combine the salt dissolved in water. We knead and continue adding flour. When the dough is sufficiently tied, take it out of the bowl and work it by hand, for a few more minutes. Let it rise for 8 hours, in a container covered with cling film.

2. We cut sausages as thick as a loaf of bread from the dough and, by choking one end, we obtain loaves of about 240 grams. Let them rise for another two hours, in a covered pan. After that, we spread the loaves with our hands, proceeding from the center to the edges, without touching them, to make sure that the air contained preserves their thickness.

3. Spread a few tablespoons of the peeled sauce on the surface of the discs and add a drizzle of oil.

4. We lay the sliced ​​fiordilatte, finely chop the onion and spread it on the dairy product. Season with a pinch of chilli pepper.

5. Spread the capers and a julienne-cut basil leaf on the pizza. We conclude with another drizzle of oil.

6. Bake at 250 degrees for about 9 minutes. Below, we place four tuna peppers and a basil leaf on each pizza.

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