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Croquettes with Scamorza in foil

Difficulty Low – Ready in 10 min.
Serves 4
4 medium potatoes already boiled and mashed | 2 slices of diced scamorza cheese | Breadcrumbs | An egg | A spoonful of grated pecorino cheese | Oil for frying | Salt and pepper

1. We collect the boiled potato puree in a bowl, season with a pinch of salt, the cheese, a minced pepper and the yolk. Knead.

2. With your hands, take a small amount of puree and form meatballs, place a few cubes of scamorza cheese in the center of each, close the croquette well on itself, giving it the desired shape.

3. We heat a deep pan with oil and in the meantime we roll each croquette first in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs.

4. As we make the croquettes, put them in the pan with the hot oil. Let’s fry them for about 2 minutes, turning them continuously. We drain the croquettes on absorbent kitchen paper, before bringing them to the table very hot.

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