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Malloreddus with clams and bottarga

Medium difficulty – Ready in 35 min.
Serves 2
250 g of semolina | A sachet of saffron | 200 g of clams | Mullet roe in powder | A clove of garlic | Parsley and basil | Salt | Extra virgin olive oil

1. We knead the semolina with warm water, a pinch of salt and saffron. We make cylinders, cut them into chunks and turn them over the rigagnocchi.

2. We open the clams in a pan with the oil, garlic, parsley stalks tied in a bunch and very little water. We cover and move from the fire as soon as they hatch.

3. We cook the malloreddus in salted water and then sauté them in a pan with the clams. We stir in a drizzle of oil and perfume with chopped parsley and basil. We serve with a sprinkling of bottarga.

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