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Fried morsels with ham and figs

Medium difficulty – Ready in 60 min. + 25 hours of rest
Serves 8
For the dough: 800 g of flour of type 0 or 1 + q.b. to dust | 200 g of wholemeal spelled flour | 3 g of brewer’s yeast powder | 650 g of water | 15-18 g of salt | A drop of extra virgin olive oil | Seed oil for frying
To stuff: Raw ham |
White figs | Rosemary

1. We mix the two flours and the yeast in a bowl. We pour the water little by little, continuing to mix. When the dough is thick enough, add the salt and a little oil. Knead. As soon as the mixture detaches from the walls of the bowl, transfer it to the pastry board and work it by hand. Let’s put it in an oiled glass bowl, cover it and let it rise for 24 hours in the lower part of the fridge.

2. Let the dough rise for an hour at room temperature, then take small portions (it will be quite soft) and fry them in boiling oil. Once golden, we put the loaves on paper towels.

3. Open them and stuff them with the fig pulp, raw ham and a few sprigs of rosemary.

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