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Pizzette with aubergines, tuna and capers

Medium Difficulty – Ready in 50 min. + 17 hours of leavening
Ingredients for 36 pizzas
For the dough: One kg of flour 0 | 550 g of water | 70 g of extra virgin olive oil | 15 g neutral honey (acacia type) | 7 g of dry brewer’s yeast | 18 g of salt
For the dressing: 750 g of tomato sauce |
150 g of extra virgin olive oil | 750 g canned tuna | 6 long black aubergines | Capers in salt | Oregano, rosemary and wild fenne l salt

1. We mix flour and yeast and, by mixing, slowly add the water. We combine the honey and knead carefully by crushing the mass on the edge of the bowl. Add the salt, then the oil and mix again.

2. We slightly widen the dough on an oiled surface, then roll it up on itself. Let’s turn it ninety degrees and roll it back on itself. Repeat a few times, until you get a loaf. Let’s put it in a greased bowl, cover with cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for 16 hours. Before using it, we leave the dough to soak for one hour at room temperature.

3. We knead the dough in a loaf then, choking one end of it, we obtain many balls of about 50 g each. Put them on an oiled baking sheet, let them rest for 25 minutes, then crush them to obtain 3-4 mm thick discs.

4. Season the sauce with oil and salt and pour a spoonful on each pizzetta. Let stand 30 min., Then bake at 240 ° for 18 min.

5. We close the aubergines in silver paper, season them with salt, oregano and rosemary, close and cook on the stove. We extract the pulp and put it on the pizzas with tuna, desalted capers and fennel.

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