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Cucinare Italy - garganelli with aubergines tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Garganelli with aubergines, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Difficulty Low – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 60 minutes
Serves 4
480 g of pasta garganelli (fresh or buckets) | 2 oval eggplants | 250 g cherry tomatoes datterini | 200 g of mozzarella from hoax | Basil leaves to taste | A spoonful of sugar | 2 bay leaves | A few leaves of pennyroyal | A few leaves of fresh oregano | Extra virgin olive oil of olive, to taste | Salt, to taste | A few leaves of wild garlic

1.We wash and dry the aubergines without removing the stalk. Gently massage them with extra virgin olive oil and bake them, for 35 minutes at 200 degrees, in a baking dish lined with greaseproof paper.

2. The aubergines will be cooked in dot when they appear empty and will take a color brown. Let’s eliminate the stalk and open them by cutting the skin (which we will eliminate) with a knife. Cut them into strips in a bowl.

3. We season the aubergine fillets with oil, basil, wild garlic and salt. We mix and set aside to flavor. Eggplants like that cooked we can also use them for other spreparations, such as side dish with grilled fish or meat.

4. We wash the cherry tomatoes and dry them. Let’s season them with oil, sugar and salt. Let’s prick them with the prongs of a fork to favor the escape of the liquid of vegetation that, mixing with sugar, will caramelize the datterino.

5. In a baking tray lined with paper oven bake cherry tomatoes a 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Spent
this time, let’s get them out of oven and set them aside to cool until use.

6. Let the Garganelli in one pot with boiling water salty, flavored with two leaves bay leaves, fresh oregano and some mint leaf.

7. While the pasta is cooking, we whisk mozzarella with oil and basil. We make a spreadable sauce, that we can use too for seasoning vegetables cooked in the oven.

8. We drain the garganelli, mix them with aubergine fillets, arrange them on a plate and season them with cherry tomatoes step 5, the white pesto and some odor leaf

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