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Orecchiette at turnip greens

Medium difficulty – Ready in 60 min.
Ingredients for 4 people
For the pasta: 400 g of semolina flour durum wheat | 200 g of hot water
For the dressing: 1.5 kg of turnip greens | 200 g of extra virgin olive oil | 2 cloves of garlic 8 anchovy fillets | 2 chillies | 4 g of salt

1. We prepare the orecchiette: we knead semolina flour with hot water until to obtain an elastic mixture, we cover with a cling film and we leave rest for about an hour.

2. Let’s start again the dough, we form loaves of pasta, cut it into small pieces and drag them with a knife on a pastry board, with a smooth side of the blade (fig. a). Let’s turn them around so obtain the orecchiette (fig. b).

3. We clean the vegetables by separating them leaves from the tops, let’s wash them in water cold and cook them for ten minutes in abundant salted water.

4. In a pan non-stick we heat a drop of oil, add the chilli, garlic and anchovies and sauté well.

5. We put the orecchiette in the pot with turnip greens let’s cook with the vegetables for a couple of minutes. Scoliamo both the pasta and the turnip greens in the pan, stir and serve.

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