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Cucinare Italy - pear and cocoa tiramisu

Pear and cocoa tiramisu

Low difficulty – Preparation 10 min. – Cooking 30 min
Serves 4
2 sponge cake discs with cocoa | A glass of distillate or pear liqueur | 2 cups of coffee | 2 abbot pears | 50 g of white chocolate | 300 g of mascarpone | 2 yolks | 2 spoons of sugar | 10 g of bitter cocoa in powder | Cumin powder to taste | 4 spoons of sugar cane | Fresh mint, to taste | Lemon juice, to taste

1.Cut the pears into cubes. Let’s put in a bowl with water and lemon juice so as not to blacken them.
Let the sugar caramelize cane in a pan, then add the drained pear cubes and knead.

2.When the pears have mixed perfectly with sugar, add the cumin powder, then let’s blend in with the liqueur with pears. Let us restrict, then turn it off and let it cool.

3.We melt the white chocolate in water bath. We can use even the microwave: let’s set it to medium power and stir the chocolate every 30-40 seconds to do it dissolve evenly.

4. In a bowl, mount the yolks with two spoons of sugar. When they are swollen, we incorporate mascarpone, working everything with electric whips. We transfer cream in a piping bag.

5. We spread the melted chocolate on top a baking tray with parchment paper and, when it begins to “pull”, we get four diskettes. We keep from part. We cut from slices of pan of Spain 12 diskettes.

6. With a brush, we moisten sponge cake disks chocolate with cold coffee, then let’s move on to composing the glasses. On the basically we put the sponge cake. To follow, add the cream to the
mascarpone and then a disk of chocolate.

7. We continue by arranging another sponge cake disk, other mascarpone cream and close with another disk. We fix diced pears, sprinkle with little cocoa powder and we decorate with a mint leaf.

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