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Puff pastry

Preparation: 20 min – Difficulty: Easy – Cooking: 30 min
Serves 4
300 g of champignon mushrooms | 180 g of emmenthal | 2 rolls of puff pastry ready | 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil | A dry chilli | A sprig of parsley | A shallot | Milk | Pepper | Salt

1. A slightly spicy double sheet, inviting and rich, perfect as an appetizer, for an aperitif with friends or for a quick but substantial lunch break. Present it whole, cutting it in front of the guests so that they can enjoy all its perfume, or already cut into slices of the size you prefer. To obtain the shiny and golden effect on the surface of the sheet, before baking it, brush it with a slightly beaten egg yolk or with milk. In this way, during cooking the sheet will take on a uniform color without becoming too dark and dry. With a sharp knife, cut the cheese into small cubes and keep it aside. As explained on the next page, carefully clean the champignons, remove the earthy part and cut them into strips.


2. In a non-stick pan, cook the chopped shallots in the hot oil, then add the mushrooms and the crumbled red pepper. Brown over high heat and sprinkle with chopped parsley, pepper and salt. Let it cool down.


3. Unroll a sheet and place it in a round mold covered with parchment paper. Arrange the diced Emmenthal and cover with the champignons, distributing the ingredients well.


4. Overlap the other puff disk over the stuffed one and seal the edges by pressing with your fingers. With a small knife, make small incisions on the surface, to prevent the pasta from losing crunchiness in contact with the cooking liquid of the mushrooms. Bake at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes.

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