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Cucinare Italy - rabbit casserole with potatoes

Rabbit casserole with potatoes

Medium difficulty – Preparation 20 min. – Cooking 80 min
Serves 4
A rabbit | Extra virgin olive oil | A sprig of rosemary | A few sage leaves | A glass of white wine | A vegetable broth nut Salt and Pepper, to taste | Baked potatoes

1. We wash the rabbit and cut it to pieces. Let’s put it to brown in one casserole with oil, rosemary and sage, let’s heat it, then pour the wine white and let it evaporate. We add salt and pepper as required, according to of our taste, and we bring cooking over low heat for about 30 minutes.

2. In a saucepan, prepare some of broth with water and nut, let’s use it to wet the rabbit during cooking. Aside, to accompany the meat, we can prepare baked potatoes (let’s calculate about 50 minutes of cooking).

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