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Cucinare Italy - ravioli with radicchio

Ravioli with radicchio

Low difficulty – Preparation 25 min. – Cooking 7 min
Serves 4
For pasta: 300 g of flour | 3 eggs
For the stuffing: 50 g of parmesan | 150 g of ricotta | 3 heads of radicchio | Parmesan Cheese | Butter | An egg | Extra virgin olive oil | Salt and pepper

1.We knead the eggs with the flour, we work up to obtain a smooth dough and homogeneous. Let him rest for 30 minutes under a glass bowl.

2.We wash the radicchio, let’s wash it and break it up finely. Let’s cook it in a pan with already hot oil for 5 minutes. Let it cool down.

3. We mix the radicchio with an egg, the parmesan and ricotta. We set of salt and pepper.

4.We stretch thin pasta, we make gods boxes of about five centimeters and adjust a teaspoon of filling at the center of each. Fall back and seal the flaps.

5.Bake the ravioli in water boiling salted for 2 minutes, drain and season them with melted butter and
flaky parmesan.

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