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Cucinare Italy - Risotto with eggplant parmesan

Risotto with eggplant parmesan

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 30 min – Cooking: 80 min
Serves 6
480 g of Carnaroli rice | 2 oval black eggplants |200 g cherry tomatoes datterini | 120 g of mozzarella from hoax | 90 g of Ligurian pesto | 80 g of parmesan | A glass of wine dry white | Basil to taste | 2.5 L of vegetable broth | Half onion Extra virgin olive oil olive to taste | Sugar to taste | Salt to taste.

1. In a baking tray lined with paper oven, we lay the cherry tomatoes datterini with a pinch of salt, one sugar, a drizzle of oil and basil, so let’s prick them with one fork. Let’s bake them at 160 degrees for about 35 minutes.

2. We prepare a sauté by doing wither in a drizzle of oil chopped onion extra virgin. Before that browns, we add rice and, stirring quickly, let it toast over low heat, so let’s blend in with the white wine and pour the hot broth.

3. Place the two in a pan eggplants, without peeling them, let’s massage them with a drizzle of oil and let’s put them in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes at 185 degrees. When we will pull them out, touching them, they must seem almost empty.

4. We remove the aubergines two ends, slice them longitudinally, peel them (the peel will come off on its own), then cut them thinly. Add to the risotto and continue to mix with some leaves of basil.

5. We grate the Parmesan with some basil leaves so let’s spread about half of it up a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake at 180 degrees up to when it is not dissolved. We remove the pan from the oven and crumble it With the hands.

6. We add a few teaspoons of pesto with risotto and we adjust of salt, we finish cooking and turn off the heat. We stir in the mozzarella diced buffalo mozzarella, parmesan grated with basil, e the crunchy one.

7. We continue to whisk up until it is dissolved the mozzarella, so we serve the hot risotto, serving and garnished with caramelized cherry tomatoes, some basil leaves and more pieces of Parmesan crumbled.

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