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Cucinare Italy - Veal and eggplant rump sandwich

Veal and eggplant rump sandwich

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 10 min – Cooking: 20 min
Serves 4
600 g of veal breast in four slices | A round eggplant “violet” type | 4 auburn tomatoes | 4 cherry tomatoes | A shallot | A clove of garlic | 2 spoons of wine dry white | 4 spoons of oil extra virgin olive oil | 2 spoons of oregano chopped | 4 basil leaves | Salt and Pepper To Taste.

1. We cut, in the direction of the width, the aubergines in slices not very thin. Let’s eliminate a little of the top of the tomatoes copper and make a cross cut at the bottom. Let’s put for a few moments in boiling water, peel them and reduce them to concasse.

2. At this point, let’s cut the slices of meat in half and let’s put them in a pan to brown with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and a whole clove of garlic. Let’s blend with the dry white wine, therefore we bring to complete cooking.

3. After 10 minutes, we remove the slices from the pan and let’s put them from part, hot, on a sheet of paper aluminum. We lay the washers of eggplant in the pan of the meat. Let them wither in the sauce, flavoring them with salt.

4. Meanwhile, in a pan with oil and chopped shallots, brown for a few seconds the diced tomatoes. We add a sprinkling of salt and oregano. Let’s take it out of the fire and spread it out on a serving plate.

5. We begin to lay down in layers, alternating on the cherry tomatoes, the eggplants, meat and again eggplant, meat and eggplant. We decorate the sandwich with a leaf basil and a cherry tomato. Let’s stop it all with one wooden toothpick.

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