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Roll of potatoes with fresh herbs

Roll of potatoes with fresh herbs

Difficulty Easy – Ready in 60 min.
Serves 6
600 g of potatoes | 100 g of 00 flour | 30 g of butter | 100 g of grated parmesan | Thyme, basil, parsley and marjoram to taste | 2 eggs | A shallot | A pinch of nutmeg | A jar of hill cherry tomatoes | A clove of garlic | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | Salt to taste.
What we need: Oven tray, potato masher, bowl, two pots, sieve, cutting board, crescent, parchment paper, kitchen string, food foil

1. Cook the potatoes in the oven with all the peel and without adding any seasoning. Peel them and pass them to the potato masher. Then, let them cool completely in a large bowl.

2. We prepare the accompanying sauce. Brown the garlic (without peeling it) with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We combine the hill cherry tomatoes, season with salt and cook over a moderate flame.

3. Oven tray, potato masher, bowl, two pots, sieve, cutting board, crescent, parchment paper, kitchen string, food foil Take the bowl with the mashed potatoes, add the sifted flour, the butter, the grated parmesan, the nutmeg and the eggs. We season with salt and mix until all the ingredients are well mixed.

4. Place the thyme, basil, parsley, marjoram and shallot on a cutting board. We chop everything together with the crescent. We spread a sheet of parchment paper on a surface and lightly butter it.

5. We spread the potato dough on greased parchment paper, pressing it with your hands and giving it a rectangular shape. Place the chopped herbs with the shallot on the surface, trying to cover everything well.

6. Like a candy. We form a roll, helping with parchment paper. Let’s close it candy with kitchen twine and wrap it in plastic wrap (at least three or four sheets). We put the water in a large pot and heat it.

7. It must be cold. We dip the potato roll closed in cling film into boiling water and cook it for about 30 minutes. Then, let it cool completely, remove the whole wrapping and cut it into medium thickness slices.

8. Ready to taste. We place our slices on a large serving plate and season with the tomato sauce. Complete with a sprinkling of parmesan and serve. At pleasure, we can decorate everything with other fresh herbs.

A very simple dish, with few ingredients mixed together. We serve it with a delicate tomato sauce

Potatoes: pay attention to cooking
To best make this recipe, I recommend cooking the potatoes in the oven. If, on the other hand, we boil them, they tend to absorb too much water and it will be more difficult to roll the dough well.

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