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Cucinare Italy - spaghetti with prawns and cockles

Spaghetti with prawns and cockles

Difficulty Medium – Preparation 20 minutes – Cooking 20 minutes
Serves 2
160 g of spaghetti | 200 g of cockles | 2 cloves of Italian garlic | Extra virgin olive oil olive oil to taste | A chilli not too spicy | 4 teaspoons of pouring of anchovies | A sprig of parsley | ½ glass of wine White | A lime| 4 red prawns | A glass of broth vegetable | Salt, to taste

1. Let’s hatch for some minute the cockles in a pan very hot (with lid), with a drizzle of oil, a clove garlic, the stem of the parsley, some strips of chilli pepper and a drop of wine.

2. We peel the prawns, we squeeze the content of them heads in a bowl and keep it aside. Let’s take the pulp of shellfish and crush it slightly, pressing it with the part flat of a knife.

3. Just the valves of the telline, peel them (maybe leave a few whole for the plate seal) and transfer them in a container, having care that they remain immersed in their cooking liquid.

4. A part, let’s heat up a lap oil, perfumed with the other clove of garlic and the rest of chilli, finely chopped. We fry for a few moments, then we add a handful chopped parsley and blend with a drop of wine.

5. Let the spaghetti in the water boiling and salty. Scoliamola very al dente and let’s transfer it in the pan with the garlic, oil and chilli. Let’s add a ladle or two of broth and risotto with a spoon wooden.

6. Just before the pasta is cooked to perfection, we add the juice squeezed from the heads some prawns, let’s pour some spoon of cooking water telline, anchovy sauce and keep it well until the dressing will become creamy.

7. When the cooking is over, add the remaining tellins e we put on the plate. We finish the portions with a scratch of zest of lime, raw and prawn pulp a round of extra virgin olive oil.

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