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Cucinare Italy - Squid stuffed with escarole

Squid stuffed with escarole

Low difficulty – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 20 minutes
Ingredients for 2 people
2 squid | A head of escarole | A slice of crusty bread | 50 g pine nuts | 50 g of raisins | A clove of garlic | A handful of capers | 50 g of olives | 50 g of caciocavallo | Milk, to taste | Lemon zest, to taste | Salt, to taste | Parsley, to taste | Extra virgin olive oil, to taste

1. We blanch the escarole in water salt. Let’s drain it, let’s move it in a pan and sauté it with a drop of oil, raisins, garlic and pine nuts. Let’s put it aside.

2. A part, let’s jump with a thread of oil the heads and tentacles of squid with some cubes of bread and parsley. Finally we will the heads with the minced tentacles, the bread and escarole. Let’s brown again
a minute.

3. We melt the caciocavallo in very little milk, fragrant with grated lemon zest. We serve the stuffed squid on the cheese sauce, with a minced capers and olives, seasoned with a drop of oil.

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