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Stuffed savory donuts

Difficulty Low Ready in 40 min. + 50 leavening
Serves 4
For the dough: 300 g of flour 0 | 200 g of manitoba flour | 2 medium potatoes boiled and mashed | 1 cube of brewer’s yeast | 1 teaspoon sugar | 1 teaspoon salt | 1 egg | 40 g of butter
For the filling: 150 g of cooked ham | 1 dry mozzarella | 1 small scamorza cheese | 100 g of fontina | Tomato sauce | 2 liters of peanut oil

1. We prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients. Salt, however, let’s put it last, in order to avoid direct contact with the yeast: it would mitigate its effect. Let it rise for about 40 minutes.

2. Roll out the leavened dough and, with a pastry cutter, obtain many disks of 15 cm in diameter, in even numbers. In a bowl, pour the ingredients for the filling (the cheeses into pieces and the ham into strips), including the sauce, and mix.

3. Put a little seasoning on one disc and close with another, making the edges adhere well. Let them rise for another 10 minutes. We fry in hot oil and leave to drain on absorbent paper.

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