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Cucinare Italy - Tortelli potatoes snd sausage

Tagliolini with cod and peppers

Medium difficulty – Ready in 105 min.
Ingredients for 2 people
For the cod fillet: 150 g of high cod fillet | 200 g of extra virgin olive oil + oil for hazelnuts | 2 sprigs of thyme | Mint leaves | 4 peppercorns | A sprig of rosemary | Chopped hazelnuts | A clove of garlic
For pasta and peppers: 120 g of cutters | A clove of garlic | 300 g of peppers | 200 g of tomatoes | A few basil leaves | Extra virgin olive oil
For cod pil pil and to decorate: 150 g codfish | A clove of garlic | A bay leaf | 50 ml cream | 50 ml of milk | Extra virgin olive oil q.b. | Pennyroyal q.b.

1. We heat the oil in the saucepan with a sprig of thyme, the leaves mint, rosemary, pepper beans and a clove of garlic. Of occasionally we measure the temperature with a kitchen thermometer.

2. When it reaches 70 degrees, we remove the pot from the heat and dip the cod fillet. Let’s leave it in until the temperature will have dropped to 50 degrees. It will take about 10- 15 minutes.

3. In a saucepan we put extra virgin olive oil, bay leaf, lo garlic clove and cod tail cut into cubes. Soffriggiamola stirring often, to prevent it stick to the bottom.

4. To shorten the time, let’s add milk and cream and continue cooking for another 20 minutes.

5. So let’s mix it all up with an immersion mixer. In this way, we will get a soft cream and frothy.

6. We peel the peppers and tomatoes, cut them into pieces and dry them in the oven, at 80 degrees, for at least an hour. Let’s slice them into strips and sauté them in a pan with oil, garlic and basil.

7. Let the cutters into the water boiling salted. Drain them al dente and transfer them to the pan with tomatoes and peppers. We remove garlic and stir in the foam of cod made in step 4.

8. Put the cutters on the plate and arrange the fillet next to it of cod. We lay the fish on chopped and toasted hazelnuts with a little of oil. We decorate with leaves of pennyroyal.

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