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Pasta with sardines

Low difficulty – Ready in 45 min.
Ingredients for 2 people
100 g of flour | 1 egg | 8 sardines | 2 tablespoons of anchovy paste |1 tomato | 1 borrage | Hot pepper | Salt | 1 garlic clove |1/2 white onion | Extra virgin olive oil | 50g pecorino cheese | 50g Parmesan Cheese | 50 ml of milk | 50 ml cream

1. We knead eggs and flour, roll browse it not too thinly and cut it into strips, which we will then cut further in a manner irregular to obtain the maltagliati.

2. We cut the skin of the tomato cross. Let’s burn it ten seconds in boiling water, drain it and peel it. Let’s cut it in four cloves, we eliminate the seeds and we cut each into squares.

3. We slice the onion and garlic and let them sweat for a few minute in the pan with the tomato, with a drop of oil and pasta anchovy.

4. Square the sardines well, open them book and we eliminate the bone and the tail. Let’s cut them roughly into small pieces and transfer them in the pan with the sauté.

5. We dip the borage for a moment in boiling water. Cut in strips and join it to ours seasoning. Finally we add a little chilli, which, like this, does not will roast.

6. We heat milk in a saucepan, cream and parmesan. Once mixed, we whisk these ingredients to get one cream with a velvety consistency.

7. We cook the maltagliati in water boiling salted. Drain them at tooth and quickly pass them in pan with sardine dressing. Serve them on cream cheese, poured on the plate, with a grated orange zest.

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