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Cucinare Italy - veal medallions with ginger

Veal medallions with ginger

Difficulty Low – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 20 minutes
Serves 4-6
A fillet of veal from 700 g | A shallot | A tuft of grass chive | A knob of butter | Potato starch to taste | The zest of ½ lemon | A piece of ginger fresh | A few spoonfuls of milk | Extra virgin olive oil olive oil, to taste | Salt and Pepper, to taste | A bunch of asparagus quite thin greens | A red pepper | Lemon zest to decorate

1. We eliminate the hard parts from asparagus and rinse them. Let’s jog them, so that we have pretty much all the same length. Let’s boil them in little boiling water. Then drain them and let’s keep them aside.

2. We wash the pepper, we eliminate filaments and seeds and we reduce the pulp into very small cubes.
Let’s blanch them for a while minute, drain and season them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Cut the veal fillet a two or three thick medallions centimeters. Let’s trim them, removing any fat. We tie the edges with twine, so keep shape during cooking.

4. In a pan, we heat a turn of oil with a shallot peeled and cut in half. We add meat and brown it on a high flame, on both sides. In the end, let’s salt and pepper it.

5. We take the medallions from bottom-cooked meat, transfer them to a plate and free them from the string. Then let’s put them on aside, making sure that stay warm. 6On the fire, we detach the bottom
cooking, pouring half glass of water, the starch and the milk. We flavor everything with grated ginger and mix until the liquid thickens.

7. A flame out, we perfume the sauce with chives, finely chopped, and zest of grated lemon. Let’s have a taste and if necessary add salt and pepper.

8. We decorate the edges of a plate rectangular serving tray with peppers brunoise. We have the asparagus to form the stemand the branches of a tree. On the ends of these, we put the medallions,
to be napped with the sauce. We decorate by arranging the zestes of lemon in the center of the medallions.

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