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Al fiasco beans

Medium difficulty – Preparation 5 min. – Cooking 180 min.
Ingredients for 4 people
500 g of cannellini beans | 3 sage leaves | Extra virgin olive oil to taste | Salt to taste. | Black pepper to taste

1. Soak the beans for a whole night, about twelve hours (fig. A). Those that remain afloat must be discarded: they are empty or they are not good. After this time, the beans have an almost doubled volume (fig. B): drain them and pour them into the flask.

2. Then add the sage leaves, the extra virgin olive oil and a few grams of black pepper.

3. Then, pour enough water to cover and exceed the level of the beans by about five fingers.

4. We close the flask with a cotton ball (or paper, or with its own cap), without pressing it too much, to allow steam to escape.

5. We immerse the flask in a large pot of water, taking care to place a folded cloth cloth at the base, to keep it standing.

6. We put the flask on low heat and, starting from the beginning of the boil, we calculate three hours of cooking.

7. Then add the salt fifteen minutes before putting out the flame.

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