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Clam Sauté

Easy difficulty – Preparation 10 min. – Cooking in 10 Min.
Ingredients for 4 people
2 kilos of clams (lupins) | 2 cloves of garlic 3 spoons of delicate extra virgin olive oil White pepper to taste | Parsley to taste | Salt to taste.

1. Fill a bowl with cold salted water, so that the clams drain and release any sand contained in the shell. We put an inverted bowl on the bottom of the bowl, so the clams do not come into contact with the sand.

2. We leave the clams in the water overnight. If the environment is very hot, we put the bowl in the refrigerator, covered. After that, we extract the clams, avoiding to take the sand deposited under the plate.

3. Rinse the clams well and discard all those that have a broken shell or that remain open even if they are touched. In a non-stick pan, we put a peeled and crushed clove of garlic and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

4. Place the pan on the stove over low heat and allow the oil to warm up, so that it is flavored. Add the clams, add plenty of white pepper and cover the pan. We raise the heat to maximum and let them cook for three to four minutes, or until they all open.

5. We taste the clams and, if necessary, add salt. We discard those that have remained closed. We take the clams from the pan with the help of a perforated ladle and filter the liquid remaining on the bottom with a cloth.

6. We heat single-portion terracotta pans with hot water. We put inside the clams, the filtered sauce and some parsley leaves. We accompany it with slices of toasted bread, rubbed with a little garlic and drizzled with delicate extra virgin olive oil.

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