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Cucinare Italy - Involtini ai profumi del mediterraneo

Beef rolls with Mediterranean perfumes

Medium difficulty Preparation 10 min. Cooking 40 min.
Ingredients for 6 people
12 slices of rump beef (from about 60 g each) | An eggplant black oval | 150 g of parmesan grated | 30 basil leaves | 80 g of pine nuts | 30 g of desalted capers | 50 g of pitted olives | 800 ml of sauce of tomato | 2 bay leaves | Flour q.b. | Extra virgin olive oil | A pinch of sugar | Salt and Pepper
To serve Cooked potatoes (or plain rice)

1. We wash and dry the aubergine. With a knife, slice them not too subtly. Let’s put them in a bowl and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

2. We grill the aubergines on the hot plate. Let’s do cook about four minutes for side, then put them in a bowl and let’s keep them aside.

3. We blend pine nuts with basil, half of the capers, the parmesan grated and a pinch of pepper. We transfer the mixture in a bowl and keep it aside.

4. We roll out the beef slices on the pastry board and, on each of them, we distribute a thin layer of stuffing, so let’s lean on, in the center, a slice of aubergine barbeque.

5. We close the meat first into a bundle, falling back on themselves the longer ends, then wrap it as a roll. Let’s stop i bundles with toothpicks.

6. Put the flour in a bowl, in order to cover the bottom. We quickly roll the rolls in the pan and cook them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil.

7. When the rolls are well browned, add to the pan olives, bay leaf, sauce, capers remaining, the chopped basil, the salt and a pinch of sugar.

8. Let the rolls cook covered pan and low heat for 40 minutes. We serve the rolls with their sauce and accompany them with white rice or le cooked potatoes.

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