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Cucinare Italy - Tagliatelle with ragù

Tagliatelle with ragu

Medium difficulty Preparation 30 min. Cooking 150 min.
Ingredients for 4 people
For the tagliatelle: 3 eggs | 300 g of wheat flour Verna | Polenta flour to dust
For the ragù: 300 g of beef chopped | A stalk of celery | A carrot | An onion | An aromatic bunch (bay leaf, rosemary, sage and marjoram) | A glass of red wine dry | 20 g of dried mushrooms | A clove | 500 g of passata of tomato | A spoonful of tomato concentrate | Meat broth | Extra virgin olive oil | Salt and Pepper to taste
To season: Grated parmesan

1. We arrange the flour on the pastry board and break at center the eggs. We knead with your hands until you get a stick smooth. Let’s cover it and leave it rest.

2. Let the mushrooms in one bowl with a little water and keep aside. We chop finely celery, carrot and onion and let’s do them fry in a saucepan with a little extra virgin olive oil.

3. We unite the meat and shell it for good with a whisk. Let’s brown. Let it cook until you scorch a bit, then let’s blend in with the red wine.

4. Add the soaked mushrooms and squeeze and nail of carnation, which we will almost remove right away because it smells a lot strong. We also put in the pot the aromatic bunch, which we will eliminate at the end of cooking.

5. We combine the passata and the concentrate of tomato. We adjust of salt and pepper and let it go to sweet flame for two and a half hours. If necessary, we combine a little of meat broth.

6. We roll the pastry with the appropriate one machine and let’s put it on a pastry board dusted with a little polenta flour for not make her attack.

7. Always with the machine, we make the tagliatelle and cook them in salted boiling water.
Drain them, transfer them to one large bowl and season them with grated cheese and ragù.

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