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Cucinare Italy - cannelloni with gorgonzola and ham

Cannelloni with gorgonzola and ham

Difficulty Medium – Preparation 30 minutes – Cooking 30 minutes
Serves 4
For the whole sheet: 200 g of flour | 100 g of spelled flour | 3 eggs;
For the filling: 50 g of sweet gorgonzola | 50 g of parmesan grated | 2 potatoes already boiled
and crush | Salt and Pepper, To Taste;

For the dressing: Butter, to taste | 100 g of cooked ham cut often | 2 sage leaves | 50 g of walnuts crumbled

1. We work the eggs with flour and roll out the dough into one thin sheet. With a cutter wheel we get squares at least 10 centimeters per side. Let’s keep them aside.

2. We combine the boiled potatoes and mash with the cut gorgonzola in small pieces. Add the salt, if necessary, we sprinkle of fresh pepper and add Parmesan cheese. Knead.

3. Less the small sheets in salted boiling water. Let’s get them out of the water and let them dry on a clean tea towel. Then, let’s stuff them with a spoonful of filling and let’s roll them up gently themselves, cannelloni.

4. We prepare a pan with a knob of butter, let’s do melt and we seal the cannelloni making them crunchy. We cook a low heat for a few minutes.

5. Let the cannelloni in one baking dish and bake at 180 degrees for 6-7 minutes. With the further cooking we will allow the filling to amalgamate better, and al gorgonzola to melt.

6. In the meantime, cannelloni I’m in the oven, in a pan season the cooked ham with butter. We perfume with the sage which, however, we will eliminate at the end of cooking.

7. Remove the cannelloni and lay them down on a serving plate. We season with ham cooked, sprinkle with walnuts coarsely crumble e we serve hot.

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