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Cucinare Italy - caper peppers and anchovies

Caper peppers and anchovies

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 15 min – Cooking: 20 min
Serves 6
2 red peppers | A handful of pine nuts | A pinch of oregano | 2 spoons of capers in salt | 4 anchovy fillets | A clove of garlic | 2 spoons of vinegar of Apple | Extra virgin olive oil
olive oil to taste

1. We wash the peppers thoroughly. If we want to avoid any digestion problems, let’s pass them under the hot grill so as to burn it all the peel. Let’s close them in a bag so you can peel them easily. If you like them more with the peel, you can avoid this step: so they stay a little more substantial.

2. We take a non-stick pan and let’s pour a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil olive. We wash the peppers, cut them and slices and remove the seeds and the internal light parts. Let’s make not too small pieces, about three or four centimeters, and put them in the pan.

3. Place on medium flame low and we cover, so that the vegetables wilt without take color; we peel the clove garlic. We wash a lot cure capers: let’s put them in a small strainer and pass them under the jet of cold water for a minute. Let’s squeeze and chop them together with anchovies and garlic. We pour on the mince thus obtained two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

4. Add the mixture to peppers in a pan, mix well, let’s combine oregano, let’s flavor for a couple of minutes and then turn off. Let it cool down and decorate with some pine nuts.

5. It is a very good dish ready, but that improves the next day when all the aromas they amalgamated well. Let’s keep it in the refrigerator, removing it an hour before consuming it, so that is not too much
cold. If we prefer to eat it hot, just pass it for a few minutes in the pan.

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