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Cucinare Italy - tuna morsels

Tuna morsels

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 10 min – Cooking: 25 min
Serves 2
For tidbits: 150 g of tuna | 300 g of potatoes | A teaspoon of salted capers | An egg yolk | Peanut oil for fry to taste
For the side dish: Cherry tomatoes, to taste | Basil to taste | Extra virgin olive oil olive to taste | Salt to taste.

1. Less the potatoes, leaving from salted cold water, and calculating twenty minutes of time from the resumption of the boiling (the time varies by size potatoes).

2. We verify cooking by inserting the tip of a knife, which will have to penetrate easily. Let’s take them out of the water with the pliers and, always holding them with the pliers, peel them.

3. Let’s go to the mixer with everyone the other ingredients. We use the compound obtained for form balls with your hands a little bigger than an olive.

4. In a pan, we heat peanut oil and fry meatballs. Serve them with diced cherry tomatoes, mixed with basil and seasoned with salt and oil.

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