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Cucinare Italy - pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta

Pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 15 min – Cooking: 40 min
Serves 4
20 courgette flowers | 250 g of cottage cheese | 10 of basil leaves | An egg | 50 g of parmesan
cheese | Salt to taste | Pepper to taste | Tomato sauce to taste | Extra virgin olive oil
olive oil to taste

1. Place the ricotta in a colander that we will then place above a bowl inside the refrigerator for two hours so that lose much of the serum. We light the oven at 180 ° C with static function.

2. We start cleaning the flowers of pumpkin, we verify that not there are no animals outside or inside. We open the petals carefully and take out the pistil inside of. Given the delicacy of the flowers, if they look clean, let’s pass them quickly in a bowl of cold water, so don’t ruin them. Let’s clean the glass well
(sometimes it can be bitter, if we prefer we can eliminate it).

3. We wash the basil and chop it finely with your fingers. In a small bowl, beat the egg so as to mix yolk and egg white, but without whipping them. With a grater with thin holes we grate parmesan cheese.

4. In a bowl we sift ricotta, add the basil chopped, grated Parmesan and the beaten egg. We adjust of salt and pepper and mix good so that the ingredients mix well.

5. With a teaspoon (or with one pastry chef’s pocket) the courgette flowers. We close the petals around the filling so that during cooking it does not come out.

6. Pour the tomato sauce in a baking dish, and let’s settle down the stuffed flowers. We add extra virgin olive oil of olive and we cook in oven already hot for about 20 minutes or until the flowers become golden. Serve them warm.

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