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Capon stuffed

Difficulty: Medium – Preparation: 180 min.
Serves 6-8
A 1.8 kg gutted capon | A kg of chestnuts | 3 sausages of pig | 200 g of dried plums pitted | An apple | 20 g of dried mushrooms | A shot glass vin santo | 2 eggs | 50 g of breadcrumbs of stale bread | ½ glass of milk | A glass of white wine | 50 g of grated parmesan | salt and pepper | Nutmeg | Oil extra virgin olive oil

1. We engrave the browns and let’s cook them in the oven a microwave (4-5 at a time) to maximum power, for about a minute. Let’s peel them again hot and mince half grossly.

2. We unite the latter to the meat of sausages, peeled and shelled, with pitted plums, the diced apple and dried mushrooms, previously found in a little water.

3. Apart we mix the eggs with the wine holy and season them with salt, pepper, nutmeg and the grain. We crumble the crumb and let’s soak it in milk.

4. We mix everything, let’s do it the capon and mend it. Let’s arrange it on a greased baking sheet, let’s wet it with white wine flavored with salt and pepper e Let’s bake it at about 170 °, for about two hours, wetting it from time to time a lot with the cooking sauce.

5. At the end of cooking, we remove the sauce, let’s perfume it with a bay leaf and let’s use it to sauté the remaining chestnuts. 6. We serve the whole capon, nappato with this sauce e surrounded with sautéed chestnuts.

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