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Cod-fish Croquettes

Salt codfish fritters

Difficulty: LowPreparation: 60 min
Serves 4
500 g of potatoes | 500 g of soaked cod | An egg yolk (or 2, if necessary) + a whole egg | Salt and Pepper To Taste | 200 g of coarse grated emmental | Flour to taste | Nutmeg To Taste | Peanut oil To Taste.

1. We boil the cod for 40 minutes about and, in another pot, the potatoes cut into chunks. Once ready, drain well, then pass them to the meat grinder or to the mixer with an egg yolk (if necessary, add some
a second). Let’s fix it of salt and pepper.

2. We pack with the mixture some croquettes, so let’s pass them, in order, in the flour, in the egg beaten and in cheese. Let’s fry in deep peanut oil.

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