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Cucinare Italy - casarecce with aubergine

Casarecce with aubergine cream

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 30 min – Cooking: 30 min
Serves 4
350 g of casarecce | 2 eggplants (medium) | Parmesan Cheese | 2 onions | Thyme leaves to taste | Extra virgin olive oil of olive | Salt

1. We heat three tablespoons of oil with onions cut into thin washers and we leave stew for 5 minutes.

2. We add the aubergines previously cut diced.

3. Let’s go up and perfume with a few leaves of thyme, we cover and do stew slowly for 20

4. We whisk in the mixer and put it back the cream thus obtained on fire for 2 more minutes.

5. Meanwhile, let’s boil the casarecce, let’s drain them and let’s do them flavor in the pot where we poured the cream. If necessary, we add two or three spoons of cooking water.

6. We sprinkle with parmesan grated to taste and serve hot, with a drizzle of raw oil.

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