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Christmas tile

Christmas Tile

Difficulty: LowPreparation: 35 min
Serves 10
4 eggs | 250 g of sugar | 500 ml of fresh whipped cream | 250 g of hard nougat with almonds | 150 g dark chocolate (in large blocks)
For the decoration: Chocolate leaves Salt to taste | Marron glacé Salt to taste | A sprig of red currants.

1. We beat the egg yolks with the sugar, in order to obtain a compound frothy, then add the cream whipped and the egg whites, too mounted to snow.

2. Crumble the nougat in the cutter e chocolate flakes, or even it in the cutter. We line with parchment paper a plum-cake mold, then we pour a layer of nougat and crumbled chocolate.

3. We spread a layer of cream on top and we continue gradually, composing multiple layers. The last must be of nougat and chocolate. We put in the freezer until it hardens (six hours). Before consume it, leave it out of the freezer for about ten minutes, then let’s decorate it with chocolate leaves, currants and marron glacè.

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