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Cucinare Italy - Grilled aubergines in parmesan casket

Grilled aubergines in parmesan casket

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 30 min – Cooking:40 min
Serves 4
100 g of Parmesan Reggiano | A globular eggplant (Round) | Poppy seeds to taste | 4 slices of speck quite subtle | A clove of garlic | 10 basil leaves | A spoonful of onion finely chopped raw | Extra virgin olive oil | Salt and Pepper, to taste.

1. We heat a grill that can withstand heat on the stove a gas or, better yet, on the barbecue. If we use the barbecue, let’s heat it well, so that when we will cook the aubergine, the embers has already made the white veil.

2. We wash the aubergine and without deprive it of the stalk, let’s put it on the grill. Let’s cook it a live fire from all sides, so that becomes beautiful black on the outside, turning it from time to time. At the
end, the eggplant will have to turn out well cooked and soft.

3. Let it on a plate and leave it rest for about 5 minutes, until we can handle it without burning us. Then peel it, paying attention to eliminate all charred parts who are not only loving, but even toxic. Let it drain the pulp obtained in a colander.

4. Meanwhile, we grate Parmigiano Reggiano and mix it in a teaspoon of poppy seeds. Let’s put it on medium heat a non-stick pan and with the cheese mixture, we make a record well equalized. Let’s melt the cheese and peel gently, by laying the disc on one inverted bowl, so that take its shape.

5. Let the bowl cool down and repeat the procedure three times.

6. We blend the aubergine pulp with a clove of garlic, a dozen basil leaves and a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil of olive. We also combine a spoon of raw onion, salt and pepper.

7. In the meantime, let’s move to the pan the slices of speck so to make them crunchy.

8. We bring to the table, filling the parmesan basket e poppy with eggplant mousse and decorating with the slices of crispy speck.

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