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Homemade egg pasta

Homemade egg pasta

Difficulty average – Preparation 15 minutes
Ingredients for 500 grams
300 g of flour | 3 eggs
What we need: pastry board, cling film, rolling pin (or grandma duck)

1. Pour the “fountain” flour onto a wooden pastry board. We put the eggs in the center, which must be at room temperature and possibly fresh during the day. We beat the eggs slowly, with a fork, trying to gradually incorporate the flour.

2. We mix and knead the ingredients with our hands. We work well until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained. As we do this, remember to flour the work surface from time to time, so that the dough does not stick.

3. We form a dough with the dough obtained and wrap it in transparent film. Let it rest for half an hour in a cool and dry place: this will improve the yield of the pasta, making it softer and more elastic.

4. Take the dough again, remove the transparent film and place it on the floured work surface. Let’s flatten it a little with light finger pressure.

5. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and obtain the format we want, depending on the recipe to be prepared. To do this last operation, we can use the “grandma duck”, the special machine to make fresh pasta at home, or we can do everything by hand, using only a rolling pin and knife.

More softness
Before putting the dough to rest, pour a light drizzle of oil over it: in this way it will be even softer and will not dry out.

A colorful solution
By adding other ingredients to the basic dough, we can create many colorful and tasty variations, which allow to further enhance the combinations. By adding spinach, for example, you can make a green pasta, very suitable for the preparation of lasagna. With saffron, however, excellent fettuccine to be served with a fish dressing. If we want a red-colored pasta, good to serve with a ham sauce, we add tomato paste to the dough. Finally, by combining bitter cocoa, we will have noodles for seasonings with strong flavors, such as those based on wild boar or duck.

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