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Cucinare Italy - lasagne

Lasagna: how to make them at home

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 30 min
Serves 4
400 g of flour of soft wheat | Half a teaspoon of salt | 4 eggs

1. We have the flour on a pastry board . In the center, we break the eggs and beat them making use of a fork. We mix the flour, starting from edge of the fountain. We knead the dough well everything, working with hands.

2. We work on composed for approx 15-20 minutes: let’s pull it, folding it on itself himself and let’s crush him with fists. We repeat energetically the operation over and over times, until the dough
don’t show up hard e homogeneous. From time to time much, let’s dust the pastry board with flour.

3. We form one pallotta, let’s wrap it up in a towel, or in one transparent film, and let it rest for about half an hour. Finally, we spread the puff pastry with then a rolling pin cut them into rectangles with a wheel pizza cutter.

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