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Cucinare Italy - sicilian salad

Sicilian salad

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 15 min
Serves 4
A big head of curly endive | 2 carrots | 2 celery sticks | 2 fennel | 20 g of almonds | Honey to taste | Apple cider vinegar to taste | Extra virgin olive oil of olive | Salt

1. We wash away the endive, eliminating the outer leaves. Let’s wash and dry it carefully in a centrifuge or between two tea towels. break it down roughly with the hands.

2. We eliminate the filaments from celery. We cleanse the fennel, depriving it of harder outer leaves.
We peel the carrot. We wash vegetables and cut them a julienne *.

3. We chop the almonds coarsely.

4. We put in a bowl a spoonful of vinegar apples and one of honey, then we add a thread of extra virgin olive oil. We emulsify until obtaining a fluid sauce.

5. Let the endive up a salad bowl together with vegetables. We add honey sauce, sprinkle with the chopped almonds and mix gently first to bring to the table.

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