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Orange tart with chocolate cream

Medium difficulty – Preparation 30 minutes – Cooking 15 minutes
Ingredients for 6 people
For the shortcrust pastry: 500 g of flour 300 g of butter | 200 g of icing sugar 4 yolks | A lemon
For the chocolate cream: 300 g of custard 50 g of melted dark chocolate 2 oranges | Orange marmalade to taste | Dark chocolate to taste

1. Mix the butter and sugar with the grated lemon zest. We combine the yolks and, lastly, the flour. Let’s make a stick and put it to rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

2. We cook the white box at 200 ° for 10 minutes, taking care to place a sheet of parchment paper with dried chickpeas on top of the shortcrust pastry, so that they act as a weight.

3. We remove baking paper and chickpeas, then continue cooking for another 5 minutes. Let’s cool well.

4. Combine the melted dark chocolate with the custard. Stir until a homogeneous cream is obtained.

5. Spread a layer of orange marmalade on the bottom of the shortcrust pastry box, pour the chocolate cream and level well, using a spatula.

6. Then cut the oranges into thin slices.

7. We heat two tablespoons of orange marmalade in a pan and quickly dip the orange slices to polish them.

8. Place the slices of orange on the chocolate cream, slightly crossed, until it is completely covered.

9. Let’s grate some dark chocolate on top before serving.

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